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"Communist Manifesto" (the "Declaration") has long been a hot research at home and abroad and difficult topic, their research innovation. Especially the past decade, a number of influential academic treatise have published research has made significant progress, mainly in the "Declaration" of the publication and dissemination of its texts, and Meaning, and the " Declaration "and the Marxism of contemporary China, the relationship between the outcome of discussion and so on.

1. On the "Declaration" published in time for the research
The Chinese People's University Professor Gao Fang tracking through long-term research, to a large number of irrefutable facts discussed the "Declaration," the exact date of publication. He believes that just by Marx and Engels's own writings, not solve the "Declaration" of the exact publication date of the issue, only through the narrative and the proven insider information in order to find out the truth. He finalized on February 24 as "the Declaration" Publication Date, and "Declaration" published in time for some other argument (such as pei in late February, said Zhu Zhixin of February 10 that the former Soviet Union, February 27 said, etc.) were contested. German scholar Wolfgang. from Print The perspective of the history of research of the "Declaration" of the publication time, confirms the views of Professor Gao Fang.

2. On the "Declaration," the first Chinese translation (Chen Wangdao translation) of the modeled problem

Japan specializing in Chinese Communist History of experts established Ishikawa Chen Hao basically solved this problem. In his view, Chen version which is basically a blueprint for Japanese translation, it is difficult to find his reference to the traces of the English version of Chen provided. Chen Wang Tao is based on the original is "socialism of" Fortunately, the first issue published in German youthful and steam Toshihiko joint translation of the "Declaration" is in the target language with no stick to "socialism of" the first issue of the target language, but some words were changed to incorporate the prevailing language. Ishikawa agreed saying spring outlook, citing a September 30, 1920 "Republic Daily" Supplement "consciousness" on the Shen Xuan Lu wrote a revelation to explain.

3. On the "Declaration" in China Communication problems early
Zhang Honglan on the "Declaration" in China were compared with the early dissemination of comprehensive analysis, research, pointed out that the "Declaration" fragments of the text was first introduced into China in 1899. Since then, with the imperialist oppression and the deepening national crisis, a group of progressive intellectuals in China began to introduce national "Declaration" thinking. Wang Ping system sort out the "Declaration" in Chinese early propagation process is divided into three chunks: first bourgeois revolutionaries and the "Declaration" of the early transmission; Second, Fourth Movement promoted the "Declaration" of the translation of communication; third is the "Declaration "All the official publication of translations.

4. On the "Declaration" causes widespread
Jun-Lin Li from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture was the interpretation of Marxism that the early spread widely in China and take root and bear fruit for many reasons, one very important reason is that traditional Chinese culture and Marxism Marxist ideology has a certain meeting point. Such as the traditional ideal, the people of this thought, Confucian ideas and dare to fight the tradition, these are some of the Chinese culture democratic essence of Marxism in China for the early dissemination and development of the soil to provide a suitable culture.

Nie Jinfang from the "Declaration" discusses the creative perspective of the history of the reasons for its widespread: Although the "Declaration" is a "commissioned" in for, and written time is very short, and therefore the structure of terms from the final version there is much to be desired Department; However, the "Declaration" in the Marxist text sequence are short, popular language, but also a specific program of political organization, so ordinary people more easily accepted by workers in particular; the same time, when the lineage of the development of Marxist political home a hero, they also form a simple evaluation of the scholars and theorists influence is difficult to play; Finally, when large-scale publishing, publicity as a kind of "acts of state" when the impression in the general population and understanding, the "Declaration" of Marxist thinking on the same synonymous. But some scholars do not agree Nie Wen's view that Marxist literature to judge whether a "classic", not just from the "text study" point of view, but to integrate its ideological content and structure to see it in practice role. This is from another dimension is more important interpretation of the "Declaration," the reasons why widely disseminated.

5. On the "Declaration" Key words Aufhebung translation options

Li Tong on the "Declaration" "Aufhebung" the translation of the word put forward their own views, he believes, "Declaration" has a focus on general principles of his theory of discourse, that is, "elimination of private ownership", these words the original is "AufhebungdesPrivateigentungs", in the translation of the "Declaration", will Aufhebung translated "destroy" is a mistranslation, and Marxism is contrary to the intention. The article points out, the semantic, Aufhebung not free "wipe out" the meaning, and only "repealing" and the meaning of; in logic, the "discard" and "eradication" is a different level and different ways of thinking areas. Therefore, the authors suggest that the intention to restore Aufhebung, according to different contexts, changing translated as "abandoned" or "abolish." High level support to Li Tong's views, but also put forward his views, he believes that "elimination of private ownership" should be changed to "abandon private ownership." Of course, not a "declaration" in all of "eradication" and must switch to "abandon", but also the original German and Chinese, according to the coordination with different words. Wang does not agree with this view, in his "Economic News" magazine, wrote that, Aufhebung word translation is accurate, should contact the "Declaration" of the context (either in German or English, there can only be "repealed" or "Cancel" means), but also contact other works of Marx and Engels's formulation to examine. Even from a philosophical perspective, the German "abandoned" in the double meaning of positive and negative, and the "elimination of private property" and the proposed reconstruction of individual ownership of Marxism is no contradiction. Therefore, the "elimination of private ownership" of the translation is correct.
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"communist Manifesto" Published Research Success Precise Time - The Communist Manifesto,

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